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Preparations are being made for the fashion show
when Gabrielle walks in, coming up to John.

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Gabrielle    John!  !

John    My mom said you needed volunteers,
                so, I volunteered.

                엄마가 자원봉사자가 필요하다고 해서요.
그래서, 자원했죠.

Gabrielle    Oh! Finally got the charity bug? 

                       ! 드디어 박애주의자가 오셨네.

*An enthusiast or devotee; a buff: a model train bug.


John    You sound surprised. 놀란 목소리네요.  

Gabrielle   No, not really. You were always a giver. 

                     아니, 그게 아니라. 베푸는 사람이니까 

Gabrielle takes her foot out of her shoe
and then puts it on John's inner thigh and pushes forward.

John    Would you knock it off? My mom's right over there. 

                    그만 하실래요? 엄마 바로 저기 계세요 

*knock it off  used to tell sb to stop doing sth annoying 그만두어라; 잠자코 있거라!

Gabrielle Have a seat. 
               You can start by helping us alphabetize the donation cards.
So word on the street is you and Danielle might break up.  
앉아. 기부카드 알파벳순으로 정리하면
듣자니 다니엘이랑 헤어질 거라며.

*"word on the street" has it that~/ Rumor has it that a lot of workers will be laid off. 많은 직원들이 해고될 것이라는 소문이 있다.


John    Maybe. I don't know.  아마요. 모르겠어요.

Gabrielle    Is that because of me?  때문이니?

John    Not everything is about you. Would you stop that? 

                   모든 그런 아니에요.  그러지 마세요.  

Gabrielle    Have you been thinking about me?  생각 했어?

John    No.  아뇨.

Gabrielle    Really? Could have fooled me. 그래? 바보로 아나.

Susan    Hey, do you need any help?  안녕하세요, 도와 드려요?

Helen    Please, just pull up a chair. Oh, gosh. 

                            의자 당겨 앉아요.   이런.

Susan    Oh, that's okay. I've got it. Ow! Oh! 

                    , 괜찮아요, 제가 할게요.     아야!



Gabrielle comes down her stairs to answer the door. Susan is there.

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Gabrielle   Susan, hi! Do you want to help with the seating cards? 

                          수잔, 안녕!  좌석배치카드 만드는 도와줄래?


*Seating arrangement cards make your guests feel like you took the time to consider where they would be seated. Also place cards

Susan    Sure. Do you want to tell me why you had your foot 
      in John Rowland's crotch yesterday?

                   그래. 발이 사타구니에 있었는지 
이유부터 말해 줄래?

Gabrielle   Oh, that! Uh... He was helping me adjust the seam in my stocking, 
  and from your angle, it must have looked a little weird.

                     , 그거!   스타킹 주름 바로 잡아 거였어
쪽에서 보면 이상해 보였겠다.

Susan    You're sleeping with him, aren't you?  걔랑 자는 거지, ?

Gabrielle   Okay, yes, but you have to promise not to tell anybody. 

                         그래, 좋아. 아무한테 한다고 약속해.

Susan   Gabrielle, he's in high school, and, it's illegal, and you're married. 
   If Carlos found out, this would kill him.

                 가브리엘, 고등학생이야. 그건 범죄야, 유부녀고.
카를로스가 알면 일로 경칠 거야.

Gabrielle   It's just sex, it's totally harmless.  그냥 섹스야. 없어.

Susan    How can you call something like this harmless? 
   After everything you know about what I went through with Carl?

                 어떻게 이런 일이 해가 없다는 거야? 내가 칼한테 당한 알면서 그래?

Gabrielle   This isn't about you.  이야기 하는 아니잖아.

Susan       Yes it is. It's about me, and about every other person
     who was
screwed over
by somebody they loved.
     When Carl
ran off with
     you saw what a basket case I was. I was crying, 
     I, I was tearing up his clothes,

     I couldn't get out of bed all day. You were right there.
     How could you do the same thing?

                   아니, 얘기하는 맞아. 그리고 사랑하는 사람한테
된통 당한 모든 사람들 얘기기도 하고.
    칼이 브랜디랑 맞아 달아나고 나서 폐인 봤잖아.
울고, 옷도 찢어 버리고,
    하루 종일 침대에만 있었어. 너도 거기 있었잖아.
어떻게 같은 짓을 있어?

*screw sb over  to trick sb in order to obtain sth valuable from them; to treat sb badly,
 especially by telling lies/
You screwed me over.
넌 날 골탕먹였잖아

*to leave your partner or home to begin a new relationship with someone

* If you describe someone as a basket case, you think that they are insane. 
 /One that is in a completely hopeless or useless condition;
양쪽 팔다리가 절단된 사람;무능력자,






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