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Earl: When they finally released me from the hospital,

       we checked into a motel. It didn’t take Randy long to make friends with the help.

       It never does.

      드디어 병원에서 퇴원해서 우린 모텔에 투숙했죠. 랜디가 호텔종업원과 친해지는 데는

      시간이 오래 걸리지 않았죠. 절대 오래 걸리는 법이 없습니다.

*check into …to arrive at a hotel or private hospital to begin your stay there

/check into a motel모텔에서 체크인하다

/ check out of …to pay your bill and leave a hotel, etc: check out of a motel모텔에서 체크아웃하다.

*help《英》 (집안 일을) 거들어주는 사람, 가정부, 하인; 피고용인, 일꾼, 종업원; 《美》 《집합적·복수취급》 종업원[근로자], 작업 인부들; 농장 노동자들.

/ The hired help are on strike. 종업원들이 파업 중이다.


Randy: (laying on bed watching a cartoon) How long’s your break Catalina?

                                쉬는 시간은 얼마야?

*I'm on my lunch break. 난 지금 점심시간 휴식 중인데요.


Catalina: The manager went to the dog track. (jumps on bed)

             I’m on my own schedule for the afternoon.

지배인은 개 경주 보러 갔어. 오후는 내 맘대로야.

Earl: (standing in the doorway) Do good things and good things happen to you.

       Do bad things, they’ll come back to haunt you.

      좋은 일 하면 너한테도 좋은 일이 생겨. 못된 짓 하면 그 일 때문에 너도 괴로운 거야.


Randy: That’s deep Earl, so why don’t you stop hogging those Vicodins

           they gave you and we can all chat about that for awhile?

          심오하네, . 진통제 받은 거 끼고 먹는 거 그만하고 잠깐 방금 한 말 얘기나 하지?


*Stop hogging the cheese and pass it round! 치즈 그만 독차지하고 돌려요!

*Vicodin (acetaminophen and hydrocodone) is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.


Earl: I’m talking about karma. 난 업보에 대해 이야기하는 거야.


Randy: Who’s karma? 업보가 누구야?



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Earl: I don’t know, something Carson Daly came up with.

       He says he does good things in life, and that’s why his life is so great.

       Got me thinking, my life sucks, and I ain’t ever done anything good I can think of.

      글쎄, 카슨 데일리가 생각해낸 거야. 그 사람 말로는 살면서 좋은 일을 하니 인생이

      피더라는 거야. 생각해보니 내 인생은 엿 같잖아. 살면서 좋은 일 한 적이 없었어.

*come up with sth: to think of an idea, an answer to a question or a solution to a problem

*What a suck! 무슨 꼴이람, 꼴 좋다!

/You're right. My job sucks. It's boring.

네 말이 맞다, 맞아. 사실 정말 재미없는 일이지. 지겹기 짝이 없어.


Catalina: Who’s this Carson Daly? Is he some sort of spiritual leader, a holy man?

              카슨 데일리가 누군데? 영적 지도자나 성인이라도 돼?


Randy: You’ve never seen TRL? You need to start putting on some of these TV

          when you’re cleaning the toilets.

         넌 티브이도 안 보냐? 화장실 변기 닦으면서 티브이도 좀 켜놓고 그래.

*Total Request Live (commonly known as TRL) is a television series on MTV that featured popular music videos.


*put on: Clothe oneself with, as in I put on my socks.

/Apply, activate, as in He put on the brakes.

/Assume affectedly, pretend to, as in He put on a British accent.

/put someone on. Tease or mislead another, as in I don't believe you! You're putting me on.

/Add to, gain, as in Please put this on our bill, or I've put on some weight.

/Cause to be performed, produce, as in I hear they're putting on Shakespeare this summer.


Earl: If I want a better life, I need to be a better person. (throws Randy a piece of folded paper)

         더 나은 삶을 원한다면 더 나은 사람이 돼야 해.


Randy: What’s this? (opening paper)

           이게 뭔데?


Earl: I made a list of everything bad I’ve ever done.

       내가 못된 짓 한 거 목록 만들었어.


Randy: (laughing) Why? ?


Earl: Why? Randy I just won a hundred thousand dollars in the lottery

       and was immediately hit by a car, I almost died because something good

       happened to me that I didn’t deserve. That karma stuff is gonna kill me

       unless I make up for everything on that list.

       왜냐고? 랜디 난 10만 달러 복권 당첨되자마자 차에 받힌 놈이야. 나한테 복에 겨운

       일이 일어나니까 거의 죽을 뻔 한 거라고. 그 업보란 놈이 그 목록에 있는 일을 다

       만회하지 않으면 날 죽일 거야.

*make up for sth: to do sth good for sb because you have treated them badly or because they have done sth good for you/ Make up for lost time. 낭비한 시간을 만회하다.




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