Ahn Soon-jin calls her own phone to arrange for its return, but is surprised

when Son Moo-han picks up and wants to meet.

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안순진: 여보세요? Hello?


손무한: . Yes.


안순진: 죄송하지만 그거 제 폰인데, 누구세요?

I’m sorry but that’s my cellphone. Who are you?


손무한: 손무한이에요. I’m Son Moo Han.


안순진: ? What?

아니 내 폰을 왜 그쪽이 가지고 있어요?

Why do you have my cellphone?


손무한: 계산하면서 놓고 간 모양이에요, 호텔 커피숖에.

You left it at the hotel café after you paid.


안순진: 그러니까, 내 탓이다?

Are you saying it’s my fault?


손무한: 어떻게 돌려주면 되겠어요?

How should I return it to you?


안순진: 어떻게는 뭐 어떻게요. 호텔에 도로 갖다 놓으세요.

How? You know how.  Just return it to the hotel.


손무한: ? Pardon?


안순진: 설마 내 순진한 얼굴 보려고 일부러 챙겨 온 건 아니죠?

Don’t tell me you purposely took it so that you could see my innocent looking face again.

아니 상대를 배려하거나 신경 쓰는 사람도 아니고

You’re not the type who cares so much about others…

상식적으로 호텔에 맡겨 놓는 게 간단한데,

And it’s obviously simpler to leave it at the hotel,

아니 그걸 귀찮게 왜 들고 가요?

So why bother taking it with you?

"I'll check where he is now." 「그가 지금 어디에 있는지 알아볼게.

"Don't bother." 「일부러 그럴 필요 없어. 

손무한: 다시 만나고 싶었나 봐요내 무의식은.

I guess I wanted to see you again…subconsciously.


안순진: 와 무의식? Wow, your subconscious?

무식이 아니라 무의식?  Not your ignorance?

다시 만나 뭐 할라고요?

What are you planning to do when we meet again?

섹스? Are you gonna sleep with me?

살인? Or kill me?

어디서 개수작이에요.

What kind of joke are you trying to play?


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