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브리짓 존스의 일기 : 열정과 애정 (2004)

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 
비반 키드론
르네 젤위거, 휴 그랜트, 콜린 퍼스, 짐 브로드벤트, 젬마 존스
코미디, 로맨스/멜로 | 영국, 프랑스, 독일, 아일랜드, 미국 | 107 분 | 2004-12-08







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Bridget      You always wonder how it's going to work out at the end of the story.

                 Maria and Captain Von Trapp, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

                 Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones. I've found my happy ending at last.

                 And nothing in the world can spoil it.

             이야기의 결말이 어떻게 지는 항상 궁금한 . 마리아와 트랩 대령,

                백설공주와 일곱난장이, 마크 다시와 브리짓 존스. 마침내 나도

                해피엔딩을 찾았다. 세상 어느것도 행복을 망칠 수는 없다.

 *Have a specific result, add up, as in It worked out that she was able to go to the party

after all

*The Sound of Music/ Captain Baron von Trapp is a widowed ex-naval officer with

seven children who serve only to remind him of his deceased wife. The Von Trapp

home is thus turned into a gloomy place of order and discipline, until the arrival of a new governess: Frauline Marie who is from a nearby Salzburg abbey. Marie shows the Von Trapp children the miracle of the Sound of Music, and teaches them how to sing. Captain von Trapp's heart opens up to feelings he had forgotten and he and Marie fall in love. Marie and Georg von Trapp are married, only to have their world brought down around them by the 1938 Anschluss of Austria, where Nazi Germany takes control of the country and demands that Captain von Trapp assume a position in the German Navy.



Bridget      Well, almost nothing. 과연 그럴까?

Richard     Bridget Jones, what the fuck are you doing?

                     브리짓존스, 하는거야?

Bridget      I, I can't see anywhere soft to land.

              안전하게 착륙할 곳을 찾겠어요.

Richard     How about on your arse?

                Bridget, unless you want to get sacked at 6,000 feet,

                you will be on your way in exactly three seconds.

                Three, two, one... cue Bridget.

             엉덩이로 뛰어 내리지 그래? 브리짓, 6천피트 상공에서 잘리기

                싫으면 3초안에 멘트하고 뛰어 내려. , , 하나!

*sack: slang. To discharge from employment.


Bridget      Skydiving.: a dangerous bane to the countryside and emergency services,

                 or a safe and exhilarating hobby? Well... let's see, shall we?

스카이 다이빙. 여기 시골사람들이나 긴급구조대원들이 치명적인

부상의 요인으로 보일까요, 아니면 안전하고 유쾌한 취미생활로 보일까요?

그럼같이 보시죠?

*Fatal injury or ruin/ A cause of harm, ruin, or death; 해악(害惡); 파멸[재난]의 근원;

고통[고뇌]의 씨앗.

*invigorating, restorative, stimulating


Richard     Go. Jump. For Christ's sakes, go!O.K. She's out. Unit Two, you got her?

             가라고. 뛰어내려. 제발, 뛰어!  좋아, 뛰어 내렸다. 2 카메라. 잡았어?

*I am surprised or annoyed by this. For Christ's sake, Julie, what are you doing here?

This dress makes me look like a little old lady, for Christ's sake. It's two in the

morning, for Christ sakes! Why are you calling me now? / for crying out loud, for

goodness' sake, for Pete's sake


Man          O.k. We see her. . 보입니다.

Richard     Bridget, open the chute. Open it. Open your fucking parachute!

                Pull the thingy or you will die.

             브리짓, 낙하산 . 펴라고. 빌어먹을 낙하산 !

                거기 잡아당기란 말야 그럼 죽어.

*Used to describe an object on the spur of the moment when you forget exactly what

you were gonna say was.; 익살》 이름을 모르는[잊어버린] , 뭐라는 것.


Bridget      Oh. Honestly, you forget just one teeny, weeny detail

                 and everyone treats you like an idiot.

             , 사실, 아주 사소한 하나라도 깜빡하면 사람들은 바보로 취급한다.

Bridget      Where was I? Oh, yes... Mark Darcy.

                 The question is what happens after you walk off into the sunset?

어디까지 얘기했더라? 맞다마크 다시. 문제는 영화속 주인공들이

석양속으로 사라진 뒤에는 무슨 일이 일어나는가 하는거다.

Richard     Bridget? Earth to Bridget Sodding Jones. Bridget, you're on. You're live.

브리짓? 염병할 브리짓 존스 정신차려. 브리짓, 방송나가고 있어. 생방송이라고.

  *Calling someone to give them a reality slap./ Come back to earth!
이봐! 정신 차려!

*Sodding is used by some people to emphsize what they are saying, especially when

they are angry and annoyed./ Sod it! , Sod you! (Brit. Informal.rude)

*Broadcast while actually being performed; not taped, filmed, or recorded:



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Bridget      Well, this is Bridget Jones for Sit Up Britain,

                 reporting to you from a big vat of excrement.

               브리튼의 브리짓 존스입니다. 

                 지금 거대한 더미에서 전해  드립니다.

*Become suddenly alert / I called her a hypocrite and that really made her sit up.
내가 그녀에게 위선자라고 하자 그제야 그녀는 정신을 차렸다.

*A large vessel, such as a tub, cistern, or barrel, used to hold or store liquids.

/ the vat in which the chemicals are compounded  화학 약품들을 혼합하는 큰 통


Richard     Unit 2. Give me a close-up of the porker.

                 2 카메라. 돼지 클로즈업 해봐.

*A fattened young pig. 돼지; 살찐 식용 돼지






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