Do-yeon is the prosecutor assigned to the case,

and she listens sympathetically as Min Joon-gook tells her this is all a terrible misunderstanding.


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민준국:  정말 안 죽였습니다. I really didn’t kill her.

내가 사장님을 왜 죽이겠습니까?  Why would I kill her?

나한테 베풀어준 은혜가 얼만데.

I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me.

그런 분을 죽였다고 재판까지 간다니, 이건 말이 안돼요.

Saying that I killed her and bringing me all the way to court,

is non-sense.


서도연:  사장님이 좋은 분이셨나 봐요.

She must have been a good person.


민준국:  좋단 말론 너무 부족하죠.

It’s hard to even explain it with just words.

내가 전과자인줄 알면서도 취직시켜 주셨고

Even though she knew I was an ex-con, she hired me.

생일날에도 And on my birthday,

미역국에 잡채, 온갖 음식들을 차려주시고

She gave me seaweed soup, glass noodles, and other dishes.


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서도연:   그래서 불이 났는데도 가게로 뛰어 들어 간 거군요, 구하려고.

So, even when there was a fire in the restaurant,

You ran into the fire to save her.


민준국:  내가 죽더라고 사장님을 살려야 된다고 생각했습니다.

I thought that even if I were to die, I should save her.


서도연:   근데 피해자 따님 진술서를 보니까

But looking at the statement of the victim’s daughter,

민준국씨하고 각별한 인연이 있다고 나오네요.

You have a history with her daughter.


민준국:  그것 때문에 내가 죽였다고 의심하나 본데,

Because of that, you may suspect that I killed her, but…

*suspect 이라고 생각하다」 「인 것 같다」의 뜻

/ I suspect that he stole it. 그가 그것을 훔친 것 같다.

Cf.) doubt 은 아니라고 생각하다」 「임을 확신할 수 없다」는 뜻의 의심을 나타냄

/ I doubt whether [if] he will succeed. 그가 성공할지 어떨지 의심스럽다.

/"Will she come?" "I doubt it." 「그녀가 올까?」 「오지 않을 것 같아.

그것도 오해입니다. …that is also a misunderstanding.

십 년 전에 내가 교통사고로 사람을 죽였어요.

Ten years ago, I killed someone in a car accident.

사고였는데, It was an accident but…

그 친구 눈엔 살인으로 보였나 봐요.

That kid thought it was murder.

저도 그 사건의 피해자입니다. 사법피해자요.

I was also the victim of the accident. The victim of a judicial error.




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