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Iris Oh, no, is he lost? Excuse me. Hello. Can I offer you a lift home?

      저런, 길을 잃으셨나?  안녕하세요. 집까지 태워드릴게요?

Arthur Why? You know where I live? 왜요?  내가 어디 사는지 아세요?

Iris I believe I do, yes. 그런 같아요. .

Arthur Good. Then that makes one of us.
됐네. 아가씨만 아는구먼, 메는데.

*cf.) That makes two of us. 저도 그렇게 생각해요. / "That makes one of us." is a play on that expression, meaning 'just you'. So the second character is basically saying that he DID NOT get along with the kids the way the other character did.; That means that he doesn't agree with what she is saying. Only one believes it.


Iris Your house is lovely. 집이 예뻐요.

Arthur I've lived here 47 years. Back then, there were only six houses on this block.
  Every year, they
tear another one down, not that I blame them.
  They weren't that great
to begin with. But that's how I got confused.
  I didn't recognize one house.

         여기서 47년이나 살았어요. 그땐, 집이 여섯 가구밖에 없었다오.
매년 하나 허물더니, 사람들 욕하는 아니라.
처음에는 집들이 다지 좋지 않았으니까.

          그러다 보니 내가 헷갈리게 거에요. 집을 알아 수가 없었다오.

*demolish[raze, tear down] a building 건물을 철거하다

*To begin with, these newspaper reports are not true. 우선, 이들 신문보도는 사실이

아니다.; in the first place / To begin with he had no money, but later he became

immensely rich. 처음에는 그가 돈이 없었지만, 나중에는 엄청난 부자가 되었다.; in the

beginning/ Also, to start with.

Iris That would be confusing. 그럴 만도 하시네요.

Arthur What part of England are you from?  영국 어디서 오셨소?

Iris Surrey. 서레이요.

Arthur Cary Grant was from Surrey. 캐리 그란트가 거기 출신이지.

*Born: 18 January 1904/ Birthplace: Bristol, England /Died: 29 November 1986 /Best Known As: Suave star of North by Northwest

Iris That's right, he was. How did you know that? 맞아요. 그랬죠. 어떻게 알아요?

Arthur Oh, he told me once. Well, I thank you very much, young lady.

            사람이 말해줬소. 고마웠어요, 젊은 아가씨.

Iris Let me help you with that. 제가 도와 드릴게요.

Arthur Okay. ... Thank you.  그래요고마워요.

Iris There you go. , 내리세요.

Arthur Well, this was some meetcute.  , 어떤 영화 속 만남같구만.

*In romantic comedies, the moment when the destined-to-fall-in-love couple meets for the first time, typically in ironic or unexpected fashion.


Iris Sorry? ?

Arthur It's how two characters meet in a movie.
 Say, a man and a woman both need something to
sleep in.
 And they both go to the same men's pajama department.

        영화 주인공이 이런 식으로 만난단 얘기에요.
가령, 남자와 여자가 잠옷이 필요해요. 같은 가게로 가죠.

*cf.) I get a chance to sleep in on Saturday. 난 토요일에는 늦잠을 잘 수 있다.

Iris Right. .

Arthur And the man says to the salesman: "I just need bottoms."
 The woman says, "I just need a top." 
 They look at each other, and that's the "meet

         남자가 점원에게 하길; “ 하의만 필요해요.”
여자는 이러죠, “ 상의가 필요해요.” 둘은 서로 쳐다보게 되죠.
그게 운명적 만남이란 거요.

Iris Oh, I see. , 알겠어요.

Arthur Of course, this isn't quite that cute, but...

         물론, 이건 그다지 운명적이진 않지만

Iris So you're in the film business?  영화 하시나 봐요?

Arthur Was. Yes, yes, I was. I was a writer. I could be here till tomorrow.

          했었죠. . 작가였소. 내일까지 이러고 있겠구만.

Iris Oh, here. Let me. , 여기요, 제가 할게요.

Arthur Thank you. 고맙소.

Iris Oh, my God. Well, goodbye, then. I enjoyed our meetcute.

        세상에.      볼게요.   운명적 만남 즐거웠어요.

Arthur Well, thank you. Thank you for rescuing me.

              내가 고맙지. 구해줘서.

Iris It's a pleasure. Absolutely. You know,
I hope you don't find this strange but I've just arrived here,
and, well, I don't really know anyone. And I was thinking of going out for dinner tonight.
Well, if you're not busy, would you like to join me?

     즐거웠어요. 그럼요. 있잖아요, 이상하게 생각하진 마시구요,
제가 여기 왔고 아는 사람도 없어요. 오늘 저녁은 외식하려는데,
바쁘시면 같이 하실래요?

Arthur Busy? Honey, I haven't been busy since 1978.

        바빠요?  아가씨, 78 이후로 바빠 적이 없다오.


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