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Arthur I just have to say, this is one of the best Hanukkahs I've ever had.

                       정말 최고의 하누카 파티야.

Man Hear, hear.  동감이야.

*An expression of general agreement or approval for a spoken statement; Hear hear is an expression that originated as hear him, usually repeated. This imperative was used to call attention to a speaker's words, and naturally developed the sense of a broad expression of favour.

Miles I've had too much of the Manischewitz. I'm gonna have to be cut off.

          와인을 너무 많이 마셨어요.  이제 그만 마셔야겠습니다.

*The Manischewitz winery is best known for its sweet concord wine, which is widely available in much of North America.

*cut off; cease, stop; 가스·수도·원조 따위의 공급]을 끊다, 중단하다 / 수동형으로》 ~을 갑자기 끝나게 하다; We were cut off in the middle of our conversation. 우리 대화는 중간에 중단당했다. /cf.) Operation! I've been cut off. 교환수! 전화가 끊어졌어요./ She cut off the best meat and threw away the residue. 그녀는 가장 좋은 고기를 잘라내고 나머지는 버렸다./ He cut his son off without a penny. 그는 아들에게 한 푼도 주지 않고 의절했다.

Ernie We are cutting you off. I take this very seriously, and I'm telling you the truth.

          그만 권하도록 하지.    그 말 새겨 두겠어.  정말이라고.

Arthur He amazes me. This guy’s amazing. Don't listen to them. They're nuts.

          친구 놀라워. 놀라운 친구야.   귀담아 듣지 말게.  정신이 아냐.

Miles Okay, so you're telling me you were not a ladies' man?

          좋아요, 그러니까 여자를 밝히시지 않으셨단 말이죠?

*ladies man; A man who enjoys and attracts the company of women; 여자에게 호감을 사려는 남자; 여성과의 교제로 여성에게 호감을 주거나 여성을 좋아하는 남자; 여성과의 불장난을 즐기는 남자라는 뜻이 함축되어 있다.

/Bill is always flirting with the women at the club. He's a bit of a ladies' man.
빌은 언제나 그 클럽의 여성들과 시시덕거린다. 그는 약간 여자를 좋아한다.



Arthur Never. I married very young. 그럼. 아주 젊어서 결혼을 했지.

Ernie Yes, only because he had the greatest girl in town.
He had to marry her to take her
off the market.

       마을에서 젤 예쁜 여자랑 결혼했거든. 누가 손도 못 대게 잽싸게 데려가 버렸지.

*on the market 팔려고 내놓은; 팔러 나와 손에 들어오다; 매출되고 있다

/off the market 하면 not available for people to buy 이지만 여기선 문맥상 not available

for a date정도의 의미.

Norman That's the truth. 사실이야.

man Everyone loved Marion. She had the greatest laugh.

        다들 메리온을 좋아했어.  웃는 모습이 최고였지.

Arthur What did he say? She had the greatest ass?

           친구 뭐라고 그랬지?  엉덩이가 최고였다고?

Iris Greatest laugh. 웃는 모습요.

Norman Although her ass wasn't so bad, either.

            엉덩이도 나쁘진 않았어.

Arthur She had real gumption. She was the girl I always wrote.

          자신만만한 여자였지. 작품 속의 주인공 이였어.

*He's a nice enough boy, but he doesn't seem to have much gumption.
그는 아주 괜찮은 청년이지만 적극성은 없는 것처럼 보인다.

Ernie What about you, Miles? You're a man about town, I presume.

         자네는 어떤가, 마일스?  딱 보니 한량 같은데.

*A sophisticated, socially active man who frequents fashionable places.

/He attends the opera and dines at the finest restaurants-quite a man about town.
그는 오페라를 보러 가서 최상급 레스토랑에서 식사를 한다. 상당한 한량이지.




Miles No, gents, sadly I am not. I'm just a onewomanatatime kind of guy.

    Actually, I've been dating a beautiful actress for about five months.
    I do not know what she sees in me, but I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

   아닙니다. 슬프게도 일편단심 민들레 과에요. 사실 예쁜 여배우랑 사귄
5 개월 됐어요. 어떻게 보는 모르지만, 내가 아는 내가 행운아라는 겁니다.

Iris Oh, she's an actress? What's she been in? Anything we would have seen?

       배우에요?  무슨 영화에 나왔나요?   우리가 것도 있나요?

Miles She hasn't done that much yet, but... 그다지 많이 찍진 않았어요

Norman And where is she tonight?  여자친구는 어디 있나?

Arthur Look, he's halfdead, and he's still interested.

         이거 보라고, 송장 가지고 밝히기는.

Ernie Well, I mean, that made me curious. You know, he's here. Where is she?

          여자친구 있다 길래 궁금해서 그런 거야. 저 친군 여기 있는데. 여자 친구는?

Miles She's on location in New Mexico. She's working on a little indie film.
  Sorry she couldn't be here. She'll be back in about 10 days.

         멕시코에서 촬영 중입니다. 예산 영화 찍어요. 여긴 없죠.
열흘쯤 지나야 거에요.

*Go/ be on location 야외 촬영 가다[중이다]/ The film was shot on location. 그 영화는

야외 촬영되었다.

*An independent film, or indie film, is usually a low-budget film that is produced by a

small movie studio. The term is also used to describe films produced by subsidiaries of

larger studios, such as Sony Pictures Classics, as long as less than half of its budget

comes from a major movie studio. In 2005, about 15% of the U.S. domestic box office

revenue was from independent studios[1]. The term is also used to describe films which

are not distributed by the major distribution companies.

Arthur Her loss is our gain. 덕분에 우린 자네하고 시간을 보내는 구만.

Miles Thank you, Arthur. 고마워요, 아더.

Norman Fellas... I think we should leave these young folks and get back to our bedpans.  

            친구들젊은 친구들 놓아 주고 늙은이들은 찌그러 집시다.

* A metal, glass, or plastic receptacle for the urinary and fecal discharges of persons confined to bed ;환자용) 변기; 각로(脚爐), 탕파


Miles Okay, Norman, you are calling me for pinochle.

         좋아요, 노만, 카드게임 하면 전화 줘요.

* A game of cards for two to four persons, played with a special deck of 48 cards, with points being scored by taking tricks and forming certain combinations; 美》〈카드놀이〉

피노클. (또는 penuchle, penuckle, pinocle)

Norman I got your cell, I'll be in touch. 연락하겠네.

Miles Okay, pound right here. 여기, 확인 세레모니.


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