Sae-woo shows up to “secretly” bring Poong some beer. Poong’s still not sure that he’s comfortable keeping their relationship a secret, but Sae-woo insists that they need to for now. Then they kiss again! But their secret won’t be a secret for long because Chil-sung sees them kissing.

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서풍: 안 갔어?

You didn’t go home yet?


단 새우: 연회 취소돼서 혼자 힘들어 할까 봐 몰래 잘해 주려고 누나가 몰래 몰래

맥주 사 들고 몰래 몰래 야밤중에 왔지

In case you were upset about the banquet cancellation, I came here to console you in secret. I brought you some beer this late at night in secret.


서풍: 몰래 몰래 연애 아주 많이 해 본 여자 같아.

You sound like you’ve been in many secretive relationships.

얼굴이 왜 그래? What’s up with your face?

화장했어? Did you put on makeup?

What's up with those matching tattoos you two have?

너희 둘이 쌍으로 한 그 문신은 어떻게 된 거야?


단 새우: 그럴 일이 좀 있었어I had to for some other business. It’s nothing…

괜찮아? Are you okay?


서풍: . 사람 혀는 돈 많은 사람이나 돈 없는 사람이나 똑같으니까.

Yes. Whether you’re rich or poor, you can taste food just the same.

내일이면 반응이 있겠지. Tomorrow, there will be a response.

오지 말지. You shouldn’t have come.


단 새우: ? Why?


서풍: 난 몰래 연애 정말 자신 없다.  

I’m not confident about dating in secret.



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