Moo Han readily agrees that everything that happened was part of plan, except falling in love with her.

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길이 끝나는 곳에도 길이 있다.

Even in a place where a roads ends, there is a road.


길이 끝나는 곳에도 길이 되는 사람이 있다.

Where a road ends, there’s a person who becomes a road.


스스로 봄길이 되어 끝없이 걸어가는 사람이 있다.

There’s a person who becomes a spring road naturally and walks endlessly.


강물은 흐르다가 멈추고 Rivers stop flowing


새들은 날아가 돌아 오지 않고 Birds fly away and do not return


하늘과 땅 사이에 모든 꽃잎은 흩어져도

Every flower petal between the sky and the earth may scatter


보라, Behold,


사랑이 끝나는 곳에서도 Even in a place where love ends


사랑으로 남아 있는 사람이 있다.

There is a person remaining by love.





안순진: 당신 이었어요?  Was it you?

모든 게 계획이었나요? Was everything planned beforehand?

나도? Was I?

사랑도? Was our love too?




손무한: 사랑은Love…

계획에 없던 거야. …wasn’t part of the plan.

실수야. It was a mistake.

내 실수. My mistake.



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