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(Press):       Mr President! Over here, sir! What will you be talking about?

                    대통령 각하여깁니다회담내용은 뭔가요?

PM:             Mr President, welcome. 어서 오십시오.

US Pr:         It's a pleasure to meet you. 반갑습니다.

PM:             Come on through. I'm sorry your wife couldn't make it by the way.

                       가시죠영부인께서  오셔서 유감이군요.

US Pr:         So is she. Although she would have been kind of lonely, I’m sure.

                   아내도 그렇습니다왔으면 외롭게 지내야 했겠지만 말입니다.

PM:             Yes. Pathetic, isn't it? Just never been able to tie a girl down.

                   I’m not sure politics and dating really go together.

                     일이죠 여자를 만들어  적이 없습니다.

                   정치하고 연애는 병행하기가 힘든 봐요.

*Constrain, confine, or limit; (일어서지 못하도록) ~을 묶어 놓다매어 놓다[with],~

속박[제한]하다[to] as in As long as the children were small, she was too tied down to

look for a job.


US Pr:         Really? I've never found that. 그래요그렇게 느낀 적이 없어서.

PM:             Yes, well, the difference is that you're still sickeningly handsome,

                   whereas I look increasingly like my Aunt Mildred. I’m very jealous of your plane,

                   by the way.

                    그게다른 점이라면대통령께선 여전히 놀라운 매력이시지만

                     점점 쭈그렁 영감이  가니까요전용기도 아주 부럽습니다.

*sarcastic way of very or extremely


US Pr:         Thank you. We love that thing. I’ll tell you.

                  고마워요다들 맘에 들어 하죠.

PM:             Ah, Natalie. Hi. 나탈리안녕.

US Pr:         Morning, ma'am. How's your day so far?

                   안녕하세요아가씨오늘 하루 어때요?

US Pr:         Excellent. My goodness, that's a pretty little son of a bitch right there.

                  Did you see those pipes?

                  좋아요세상에 아주 깜찍한 아가씨로군요가슴 보셨죠?

*son of a bitch can be also put as interjections expressing surprise, amazement.

*another word for breasts/ bits


PM:             Yes, she's terrific… at her job.

                  대단하죠일하는  말입니다.


US minister:  No, absolutely not. We cannot and will not consult on that either.

                 아니절대  됩니다 문제 역시 상의할 수도 상의하지도 않겠습니다.

*You must consult your manager before taking a decision on this.

이것에 대해 결정을 내리기 전에 매니저와 상의해 보아야 한다.


Alex:           That is unexpected. 의외로군요.

US Pr:         Well, it shouldn't be. The last administration made it perfectly clear.

                  We are just being consistent with their policies.

                  그럴 리가요지난 정부는  부분을 명확히 했습니다.

                  우린  정책을 일관하고 있는 겁니다.

Alex:           But, with all respect, sir, they were bad policies.

                  외람된 말씀이지만 정책은 문제가 있었습니다.

*With all due respect; Although I think highly of you/ With all due respect, the figures

simply do not support you on this. 송구합니다만, 그 수치들은 이점에 관해 당신의 주장을

뒷받침하지 못합니다.


PM:             Right, Thanks, Alex. I don't think we're making progress here.

                  Let's, um... move on, shall we?

                  좋아요수고 하셨어요알렉스 이상 진전이 없군요다음으로 넘어 갈까요?

PM:             Well, now, that was an interesting day.

                    오늘 회담 흥미로웠습니다.

US Pr:         I’m sorry if our line was firm but there's no point in tiptoeing around today,

                  and then just disappointing you for four years. I mean, I have plans

                  and I plan to see them through.

                 우리 노선이 강경했다면 미안합니다하지만 오늘  얌전히 굴고 앞으로

                 4년은 총리를 괴롭힐 이유가 없죠저한테는 계획이 있고 그럴 끝까지 관철시킬 겁니다.

*There's no point in robbing Peter to pay Paul. You still will be in debt.

꾼 돈을 갚기 위해 빚을 내다니 의미가 없다. 결국 빚을 지게 되는 거니까.

*walking on the tips of one's toes so as to make no noise

*Also see out. Remain with an undertaking to the end; also, provide steadfast support

to/ That overcoat should see me through the winter. 저 외투로 겨울을 견딜 수 있을

것이다. / We have enough logs to see the winter out. 우리는 겨울을 지낼 만한 충분한

장작이 있다.


PM:             Absolutely. Now, there is one final thing I think we should look at.

                  Very close to my heart. If you just give me a second.

                  당연하죠마지막으로 검토하실  있습니다 생각하던 문제죠.

                  잠시 실례하겠습니다.

*Close/dear/near to ones heart 늘 생각하고 있다, 마음에서 떠나지 않다.


US Pr:         I'll give you anything you ask for. As long as it's not something I don't wanna give.

                   원하시는   드리죠제가 드리기 싫은 것만 아니라면요.

PM:             Hi. Pathetic! 안녕.  한심해!

US Pr:         It's great Scotch. 좋은 스카치군요.

Natalie:        I'll, um... I'll be going, then. 그럼… 나가 보겠습니다.

US Pr:         Uh, Natalie, I hope to see much more of you as our two great countries work toward a better future.

                  나탈리우리  위대한 나라가  나은 미래를 위해 협력하면서 당신을  자주   있기를 바랍니다.

Natalie:        Thank you, sir. 고맙습니다각하.

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