Annie   Well, I think I'm going crazy, Dennis. I really do. Are you happily married?

           미쳐버릴  같아오빠정말 그래오빤 결혼 행복해?

Dennis  What?  ?

Annie   I mean, why did you get married?  Was it all trumpets and fireworks?

            오빤  결혼 했냐고?  트럼펫 연주와 불꽃놀이에 넋이 나가서?

*A “trumpet” is a musical instrument, and “fireworks” are colorful light shows produced by small explosives. Together, they suggest lots of excitement and romance.


Dennis  I got married because Betsy said we had to break up or get married... 
so we got married.

            벳시가 헤어지든지 결혼하든지   하나라고 해서 결혼했어
그래서 우린 결혼  거야.

Annie   But when you first met her...did you believe she was the only person for you, 
that in some mystical, cosmic way it was fated?

           그럼 처음 벳시 만났을 오빠한테 유일한 사람이라고 생각했어
그러니까 운명이 정해준신비롭고 우주적인그런 만남이었어?

Dennis  Annie, when you're attracted to someone... 
it just means that your 
subconscious is attracted to their subconscious... subconsciously.  So, what we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing they're a perfect match.

           애니누군가에게 끌린다는 … 너의 무의식이 상대방 무의식에 끌린다는 거야무의식적으로우리가 운명이라고 생각하는  둘이 천생연분 이라고 아는 노이로제에 
걸린  사람일 뿐이야.

*A person’s “subconscious” is that part of their mind that is unaware of their own actions. An important word from modern psychology, though the line above is completely ridiculous.

*A person who has “neurosis” is mentally disturbed and often unable to function well in society because of nervousness. If a couple are “a perfect match,” they seem made for each other and are happy together.

Annie   I don't even know him.  I am having all of these fantasies about some man 
I have never even met...who lives in Seattle!

             남자를 몰라만나보지도 못한 남자에게 환상을 가지고 있어
 남자는 시애틀에 살고 있고.

Dennis  It rains nine months of the year in Seattle.

         시애틀에는 일년  아홉 달은 비가 내려.

Annie   I know! I know! I do not want to move to Seattle.  
But what I really don't want to do is end up always wondering...
what might have happened and knowing I could have done something.  
What do you think?  It's just
 cold feet, isn't it?  
panics before they get married. I mean, didn't you?

           알아알아시애틀로 이사 가긴 싫어하지만 내가 진짜 하기 싫은  무슨 일이 
일어났었을까 의아해 하는 내가 뭔가를   있었는데 하고 결국 깨닫게 되는 거야어떻게 생각해그냥  먹은 거지다들 결혼 앞두고 예민해 지잖아오빠는  그랬어?

*To get “cold feet” before doing something is to become extremely nervous about it. 
“To panic” is to become so nervous or agitated that you can’t control your own body or actions.


Dennis  Yes, I did.  그래나도 그랬어.

Annie   Yes you did.  Thank you very much, Dennis. 
I feel so much better just having
 blown this off.

          오빠도 그랬구나고마워오빠이제 훌훌 털어 버리니 기분이 훨씬 나아졌어.

*In this case, “to blow off” something is to decide to forget about it.

Dennis  Anytime. 언제든지.

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