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브리짓 존스의 일기 : 열정과 애정 (2004)

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 
비반 키드론
르네 젤위거, 휴 그랜트, 콜린 퍼스, 짐 브로드벤트, 젬마 존스
코미디, 로맨스/멜로 | 영국, 프랑스, 독일, 아일랜드, 미국 | 107 분 | 2004-12-08







Bridget      What's the matter?  자기 그래?

Mark         Let's get a drink. I'm going to go to the loo, then I'm going to come back.
And then we're going to be
[The phone rings. Rebecca leaves a message on the answerphone.]
'If you have a message for Mark Darcy, speak after the tone.'

                술이나 한잔 하자. 화장실 갖다가 다시 올게. 그러고 점잖게 얘기하자고.

                마크다시에게 남길 메시지가 계신분은 소리후 메시지를 남겨주십시오.’

*Chiefly British. A toilet.

* trained to behave and speak politely; 예절바른, 교양있는; 세련된

Rebecca    Mark, it's Rebecca. Are you there? Obviously not.
Probably still out with Bridget. Um...
Anyway, I hope lunch with the parents went well.
I'm sure you were dutiful and very polite, as usual.
Er... Whatever. Anyway, Look, maybe give me a ring when you get back.
I thought I might
pop round for a nightcap.
But I suppose that's a silly idea. Bridget's probably there. Sleep tight.

              마크, 레베카에요. 집에 계세요? 아니겠죠. 아직 브리짓과 밖에 계시겠죠.
..어쨌든, 부모님들과 식사는 하셨길 바래요. 그렇듯이 당신은
의무감도 있고 예의바른 분이니까요. 그건 그렇고, 돌아오시면 전화 주실래요.
자기 전에 같이 있을까 해서요. 하지만 돼겠죠. 브리짓이랑
같이 계실 거니까. 자요.

*hang around (Spend time idly)

*A usually alcoholic drink taken just before bedtime.

Mark         Oh, Christ, what now? 이런, 뭔데?

Bridget      Are you or are you not having an affair with Rebecca Gillies?

레베카랑 같이 잤어 잤어?

Mark         I won't dignify that question with an answer.

               질문엔 대답할 가치도 없는 같은데.

*She did not dignify his comment with a response.

그녀는 반응을 보이지 않음으로써 그의 논평을 묵살했다.


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Bridget      Right. 그렇지.

Mark         All I did was go to the loo. Bridget! Bridget. That's not your coat.

              화장실 갔다 왔을 뿐인데. 브리짓, 브리짓. 그거 코트 아닌데.

Bridget      Oh, right. 그러네.

Mark         Oh, Bridget, what are you doing? 브리짓, 무슨 짓이야?

Bridget      I read  that you should never go out with someone
if you can think of three reasons why you shouldn't .

             누군가와 사귀지 말아야 이유가 이면 사귀지 말라고 책에서 읽었어.

Mark         Can you think of three? 이유가 셋이라도 있는거야?

Bridget      Yes. 그럼.

Mark         Which are? 뭔데?

Bridget      Well, first off, I embarrass you. I can't ski, I can't ride, I can't speak Latin.
My legs only come up to here and yes, I will always be just a little bit fat.
And you, you fold your underpants before you go to bed.

              우선, 자기를 난처하게 . 스키도 , 말도 . 라틴어도 못하고.

               숏다리에 살도 쪘지. 그리고 자긴 자기전에 속옷을 개어 두더라.

Mark         Now, hang on, that can't be a reason.

                  잠깐, 그건 이유가 .

Bridget      No, it's not a reason. But you're not perfect either.
look down your nose at absolutely everyone,
and you're incapable of doing anything spontaneous or potentially affectionate.
It feels like you're waiting to find someone in the VlP room who's,
who's so fantastic... just the way she is, that you don't need to fix her.

             그래, 이유가 돼지. 하지만 자기도 완벽한 사람은 아냐. 다른 사람들 무시하지,
맘에서 우러나서 하는 일도 없고  애정을 가지고 하는 일은 눈꼽만큼도 없어.
자기는 귀빈실에서 누군가 끝내주는 사람을 찾고 잇는 같아.
있는 모습 그대로 근사한 사람 말야. 자기 스타일로 개조할 필요도 없는 사람.

*to think that someone is less important than you or that something is not good

enough for you. /I always felt that she looked down her nose at us because we spoke

with strong accents and hadn't been to college.


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Mark         Bridget, this is mad. 브리짓, 이건 말도 안돼.

Bridget      Perhaps you've already found her. Do you want to marry me?

                아마, 벌써 찾은 지도 모르지.  나랑 결혼은 하고 싶은거야?

Mark         Look, I... 그게

Bridget      You see, you can never muster the strength... to fight for me.

                    거 봐, 자긴 날 위해 싸울 힘조차 없는 사람이라고.

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except in the case of brief quotations.

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