Three-way wrist grab at Min-hyuk Manor;

Gook-doo grabs Bong-soon’s wrist to pull her out the door, but Min-hyuk quickly grabs her other wrist and tugs her back, telling Gook-doo to let go.

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안민혁:  무슨 권리로 데려가?  What right do you have to take her?

영장은 있고? Do you have a warrant?


인국두:  내 친굽니다. She’s my friend.

낯선 남자랑 밤을 지새우게 할 수는 없습니다.

I can’t let her spend the night with a man she doesn’t know.


안민혁:  그럼 형씨도 같이 있든가. Oh, then you stay over, too.


인국두:  봉순아, 가자. Let’s go, Bong Soon!


안민혁:  거기서! Stop right there!

공사 구별 좀 하지.

You should keep your personal and private lives separate.

*differentiate public affairs from private; separate public from private matters


인국두:  공사 구별해야 할 사람은 그쪽입니다. Speak for yourself!

(※상대의 의견에 동의하지 않음을 나타냄)

*We had a really boring trip. "Speak for yourself! I had a wonderful time."

「진짜 지겨운 여행이었어.」 「그건 네 생각이고, 나는 재미있었어.





[Gook-doo decides to call Bong-soon’s mother and let her settle their disagreement.]

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황진이:  그래 국두야 웬일이니?  Yeah, Gook Du, what is it?


인국두:  제가 지금 봉순이 회사 대표 집인데요.

I’m currently at the residence of bong Soon’s company’s CEO.

봉순이가 회사대표인 남자 분과 밤 새워 일을 한다고 해서요.

Bong soon says she’s going to work at CEO’s home all night while he’s a male.


황진이:  그러니까 그 대표 집에서 같이 잔다

Wait, so she’s going to sleep with that CEO…

아니, 밤을 지샌다는 거지?

…I mean, stay up all night with him?


인국두:  , 그렇습니다. Yes, that’s right.


황진이:  그래, 걔가 오랜만에 취직을 해서 의욕이 넘치네.

Oh, I guess she’s overflowing with dedication for her new job!

아우 바람직해. That’s exactly what I wanted.

뭐 걔는 됐고. But never mind her.

넌 거기 왜 있어? What are you doing there?

봉순이 바꿔봐. Give the phone to her.


도봉순:  , 엄마. Yes, mom.


황진이:  너 잘해라. You do well, okay?

부모가 딸한테 할 말은 아니지만

I know this isn’t something a mom should tell her daughter…

난 네가 거기서 무슨 짓을 하건 무슨 일이 벌어지건 다 운명이라고 생각할 거야.

But I’ll just consider it fate no matter what you do or what happens tonight.

뭐든 아껴봐야 똥 되더라.

In my experience, things rot when you save them for later.


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