A large open newsroom-type space with REPORTERS at

 computers.  Around the perimeter are glass-partitioned

 offices and meeting rooms.  Inside one of the offices is

 BECKY, the Lifestyle editor of the Sun.  She's at a

 table with Annie, now a reporter for the section, and

 two other colleagues -- KEITH and WYATT.

영화, 미드, 영자신문 온라인스터디 모집; 클릭하세요


Keith   This man sells the greatest soup you've ever eaten...
          and he is the meanest man in America. 

          I feel very strongly about this, Becky. It's not just about the soup.

           남자 여태 먹어본 중에 최고의 수프를 팔아,
그리고 미국에서 가장 불친절한 사람이기도 하고.
이거 느낌이 강해, 베키. 수프에 관한 것만은 아니라고.

Becky   Do it. What else?   . 있어?

Wyatt   New Year's Eve.  Please don't make me write it.

               신년 전야 있잖아. 나한테 쓰라고는 하지마.

Becky   Listen to this. "Phone service in the greater Chicago area was tied up
for two hours Christmas Eve
when some kid calls a phone-in radio show...
and says that his dad needs a new wife. 

Two thousand women called the station asking for the guy's number."

           들어 , 시카고 전화 서비스가 시간 동안이나 불이 났어.
어떤 꼬마가 청취자 전화 참여 라디오 쇼에 전화를 해서 자기 아빠가
아내가 필요하다고 말해서 그런 거라는데.
명의 여자가 방송국에 전화해서 남자 전화번호를 요구 했다는 거야.

*If phone service is “tied up,” it is difficult to make a call because too many people are trying to use the phone at the same time. A “phone-in” radio show is a talk show in which listeners get a chance to express themselves on the air.


Keith   Jesus! 세상에!

Annie   I heard it. This kid calls up and says, "My dad needs a wife." 
And this
shrinkette practically forces the guy onto the phone and says,
"You want to talk about it?"  He says, "No, as a matter of fact,
I don't." 
And then suddenly, for no reason at all, he starts to talk about how much
he loved his
wife...and how he just fell in love with her... 
Like he was one of those cows in

            나도 들었어. 꼬마가 전화해서 아빠는 아내가 필요해요.” 이러니까,
정신과 의사가 거의 강제로 남자 전화 받게 해놓고는
 얘기 나누고 싶으세요?” 이러는 거야.
남자가, “ 아뇨, 사실, 싫습니다.”
갑자기, 무슨 이유인지는 몰라도, 자기 아내를 얼마나 사랑했는지,
어떻게 사랑에 빠졌는지 얘기하기 시작하는 거야.
미시건의 소들 하나처럼 말이야.

*A ridiculous way of referring to a female psychologist.

Becky   What cows in Michigan? 미시건의 무슨 소들?

Annie   It was on 60 Minutes.  There were those cows that got zapped
by stray voltage
No one knows why. Maybe it was Wisconsin. 
But anyway, I was listening to him talk about
how much he loved his wife...
and suddenly I was crying. 

It's like what happens when I watch those phone company ads. 
I don't have to see the whole thing,
just the part where... 
the daughter gives the mother the refrigerator with the big red bow on it.

           60 쇼에 나왔어. 감전된 소들 있잖아. 아무도 이유를 몰라
그게 위스콘신 주였나.  어쨌든 남자 자기 아내를 얼마나 사랑하는지
얘기하는 듣는데, 갑자기 눈물이 나는 거야.
마치 전화회사 광고 때처럼 말야.
봐도, 딸이 엄마한테 빨간 리본 달린 냉장고를 선물하는 장면만 보면 .

*“60 Minutes” is a famous TV news show. If a person gets “zapped,” they are suddenly struck, perhaps by a bolt of actual electricity from a lightening storm. Michigan and Wisconsin are Midwestern states./ He looked like a man zapped with 1000 volts. 그는 1,000 볼트에 감전된 사람처럼 보였다.


해설본 문의는 여기를 클릭하세요 





Becky   Yes, the Polaroid commercial.
Two 5-year-olds at their grandfather's birthday party. 

They're making the album. With the glue.  That kills me. 
You should write something about this.

           그래, 폴라로이드광고. 할아버지 생신 파티에 다섯 살짜리 꼬마 .
사진 앨범을 만들고 있었지. 풀로 붙여 가면서. 정말 끝내주더라. 이걸로 기사 .

*In this case, a colloquial way of saying “that makes me laugh a lot.”

Annie   About what?  무슨 기사?

Becky   Whatever it is. 뭐든지.

Keith   I'll tell you what it is. Two thousand women calling a radio station for a husband. 
There are a lot of desperate women out there lookin' for love. 

            그게 뭔지 말해주지. 2천명의 여자가 남편 구하려고 방송국에 전화를 한다.
사랑을 찾는 절박한 여자들이 많다는 거지.

Wyatt   Especially over a certain age특히 나이 먹을 만큼 먹은 여자들이지.

*In this context, “over a certain age” is a diplomatic way of referring to a woman who is older than about 35.


Keith   You know it's easier to be killed by a terrorist than it is to get married
over the age of 40.

           나이 마흔 넘어 결혼하기보다 테러리스트한테 죽는 쉬운 일이야.

*This is a cynical (or cruel) way of telling a woman that it is extremely unlikely that an unmarried woman can find a husband after age 40.



Annie   That is not true. That statistic is not true.

           사실이 아냐. 통계는 사실이 아니라고.

Becky   That's right. It's not true. But it feels true.

                맞아. 아냐.    하지만 그렇게 느껴져.

Wyatt   It feels true because it is true. 사실이니까 그렇게 느끼는 거야.

Annie   There's practically a whole book about how that statistic is not true.

             통계가 사실이 아니라는 것에 대해 책이 있어.

Wyatt   Calm down. You brought it up.  진정해. 애니가 먼저 이말 꺼냈잖아.

*“To bring up” a topic is to be the first to talk about it in a conversation.


Annie   I did not, Wyatt. Did you even read that book?

             그랬어, 와이엇. 읽어 보기나 했어?

Wyatt   Did anybody read that book all the way through?

               누구 끝까지 읽어본 사람?

Becky   Are you two finished? Fine. Now where were we?

              둘이 얘기 끝났어?  좋아. 어디까지 얘기했지?

Annie   If someone is a widower, why do they say that he was widowed? 
Why don't they say he was widowered? I was just wondering.

            누가 홀아비가 되면, 혼자 됐다고 그러는 거지? 홀아비 됐다고 그러냐고?
그냥 궁금해서

 Annie walking purposefully, followed by Becky, hurrying to catch up.

Becky   What was that about up there? 아까 사무실에서 무슨 일이야?

Annie   What was what? 뭐가 무슨 일이야?

Becky   What's with you?   무슨 있지?

*A common and colloquial way of asking a person what is wrong with them when they are acting strangely. Often said with great emotion?


Annie   Nothing's with me. 아무 없어.

Becky   Something's with you. 무슨 있어.

Annie   What are you saying?  무슨 말이야?

Becky   Whatever it is, you can tell me.  뭐가 됐건, 나한테 말해.

Becky   Sleepless in Seattle?  시애틀의 이루는 남자?

Annie   That's what she called him on the show because he can't sleep.

              남자가 잔다고 여자가 라디오에서 그렇게 불렀어.

Becky   And now 2,000 women want his number.  The guy could be a crackhead,
a transvestite...a flasher,
or a junkie, a chain-saw murderer...
or someone really sick, someone like my Rick.

           지금 2 명의 여자가 남자 전화번호를 원해. 남자 뽕쟁이 아니면, 복장 도착자바바리 , 마약 중독, 아니면 전기 살인마든가 그럴 거야. 아주 건전한 사람일거야, 릭처럼.

*A “crackhead” is addicted to the horrible drug crack cocaine, a “transvestite” is a person who dresses in the clothes of the opposite sex and a “junkie” is a drug addict. A “chainsaw” is an electric tool that is used to cut down trees (and sometimes kill people!)

/ A flasher; a man who shows his sexual organs in public, especially in order to shock or frighten women《속어》 노출광(exhibitionist).


Annie   Actually, he sounded nice. 사실, 목소리 들어 보니 좋은 사람 같았어.

Becky   Oh? Oh, really? Now we're getting down to it.

              , 그래?  이제야 마음을 드러내시는구만.

*Here, a slangy way of saying “Now we’re finding out the truth.”
/Stop talking nonsense and come to the point. 객쩍은 소리 그만하고 속마음을 털어놓아라.
/He finally unburdened himself to his family. 그는 드디어 가족에게 속마음을 털어 놓았다.
/She bared her soul to us. 그녀가 우리에게 속마음을 드러내었다.

Annie   Please. Becky, I'm madly in love with Walter.  He did the craziest thing the other night. What was that?   Oh, it was so funny. We were hysterical. What was that?

          제발, 베키. 월터랑 사랑에 빠졌어. 며칠 전에는 너무 웃겼다고.
뭐였더라? 재밌었어배꼽 빠지는 알았어. 뭐였더라? 


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