SHIN YOUNG-JIN (Lee Ki-woo), the vice president of Hanguk Energy Group,

called and requested Tae-suk’s services. He’s the one who wants all this medical malpractice

covered up so that it doesn’t reflect badly on him or his family’s hospital.

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차원석: 처방한 소화제와 항암제가 알파벳 앞 두 글자가 똑같아서

The anti-cancer drug that was prescribed had the same first two letters as the

digestive medicine

밑으로 처방전 내리는 과정에서 실수가 있었던 것 같아요.

There was a mistake in the process of prescribing the medicine.


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정진:  아니 그래도 그렇죠 어떻게

How could you…


박태석:  어떻게 안 겁니까?  How did he find out?


차원석: 과정은 잘 모르겠지만 차트를 확인했더라 고요.

I’m not sure what happened exactly, but the doctor checked his chart.

야망이 큰 사람이라 평상시 날 견제했어요.

He always kept his eyes on me because he’s very competitive.


*그가 입을 열 때마다 그의 형이 견제하여 말을 못하게 했다.
Whenever he opened his mouth to speak, his brother checked[stopped] him.

/미국은 그 나라를 견제할 정책을 취했다.
The United States adopted a containment policy toward(s) that country.

/그 투수는 1루 주자를 견제했다.
The pitcher held the runner on[kept the runner close to] first base. 



경쟁자라고 생각했으니까 싹을 잘라내고 싶었겠죠.

He wanted to get rid of me since he considered me as his opponent.

솔직히 항암제 때문에 사망했다고 단정지을 수도 없어요.

Honestly, we can’t conclude that the patient died due to the wrong medicine.


정진:  재처방을 했다면서요.

But wasn’t the same medicine prescribed again?


차원석: 저기 변호사님 재방문 환자는요 한번 정도는 같은 약을 처방하고

지켜보는 게 관례입니다.

Lawyer Park, it is regular practice to wait and see once again how the patient

reacts to the same medicine.


정진:  그때 확인만 제대로 했어도 이런 문제는 없었을 것 아닙니까.

This wouldn’t have been an issue if you had checked the prescription.  


신영진:  정변호사님은 완벽한 인간인가 봐요.

Lawyer Jeong, you must be perfect.

사람은 누구나 실수를 하죠. Anyone can make a mistake.

실수가 없는 인간은 인간적이지 않잖아요.

You aren’t human if you don’t make any mistake.

그리고 우린 변호사를 부른 거지, 검사를 부른 게 아니에요.

And we asked for lawyers, not prosecutors.

나도 한가해서 여기 온 건 아니고.

You should know I’m not here because I have lots of free time.


박태석:  김박사가 원하는 건 가족에게 사실대로 고백하지 않으면 언론에

알리겠다는 건데.

I heard that Dr. Kim wants to tell the truth to the public unless we tell the truth

to the patient’s family.



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