Joon-young is being berated by a cop at the police station.

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형사:  똑바로 안 앉아! Sit up straight!

자식이 아직도 정신을 못 차리고

You still haven’t got your head on straight…

*have one's head on straight 건실한 생각을 가지고 있다

/cf.) have a good head on one’s shoulders; to have common sense; to be sensible and intelligent

; John has a good head on his shoulders and can be depended on to give good advice.


신준영:  내가 정신 차리면 뭐가 달라집니까?

What would it change if I did?


형사:  뭐 임마?  What?


신준영:  내가 정신차리면 그 자식들도 지 아버지 빽 상관없이 법대로 처벌해줍니까?

Would the others get punished equally regardless of who their dads are?


형사:  이 자식이 진짜  How dare you…

홀어머니 밑에서 불쌍하게 컸다고 봐줬더니

Because you were raised by a single mother, I was trying to show you some pity…


신준영:  왜 불쌍하게 봐요? Why show me pity?

아저씨가 뭔데 날 불쌍하게 봐? What right do you have?


형사:  이거 안 놔?  Let go!

뭐 이딴 새끼가 다 있어? What the heck is wrong with you?




One night at the library, Eul stops him on his way out of the bathroom.

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노을:  저기요!  Hey!

생까요?  Why did you ignore me?

*I got the go-by from her (=She gave me the go-by) every time I saw her.

매번 그녀는 나를 볼 때마다 모르는 척 하였다.


잠깐 만나 달라고 쪽지를 일곱 번이나 보냈는데.

I passed you seven letters asking you to see me.


신준영:  내 스타일 아냐. You… aren’t my type.


노을:  너도 내 스타일 아니거든. You aren’t mine, either!

나리 지금 그쪽한테 채이고 식음을 전폐하고 앓아 누웠어요.

Ever since you rejected Na-ri, she stopped eating and drinking.

어떡하실 거에요? What will you do?


신준영:  내가 어떻게 해야 돼요? Must I do something?






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