Mo-yeon and Shi-jin drive back to base together after attending a UN meeting.

One of their tires rolls over a land mine and they run off the road.

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강모연: 진짜 지뢰에요? Is it a real mine?

진짜 지뢰 밟았어요 우리? Did we drive over one?



유시진: 아무래도 지진으로 유실됐던 지뢰들이 떠밀려 내려온 것 같습니다.

I think the earthquake moved them about a bit.

그러니까 절대 혼자 움직이지 말아요. So don’t go anywhere alone.

우린 지금 지뢰밭 한가운데 있습니다.

We’re in the middle of a minefield.



강모연: 그럼 이제 어떡해요 우리? What should we do now?

핸드폰도 안 터져요. My phone’s not working either.


*My smartphone is getting a weak signal or isn’t getting a signal.

/Avoid using your phone in bad reception areas.



유시진: 무전도 안되네요. Neither does my walkie-talkie.



강모연: 뭐하게요? What will you do?

구조될 때까지 기다려야 하는 거 아닌가요?

Shouldn’t we wait for help?



유시진: 우린 지금부터 여길 빠져나갈 겁니다.

We have to get out of here.



강모연: 사방이 지뢴데 어떻게요? Aren’t we surrounded by mines?



유시진: 내 발자국만 밟으며 따라와요. Step exactly where I step.

죽게 안 놔둘 테니까 너무 겁먹지 말고.

I won’t let you die, so don’t worry.



강모연: 근데 진짜 지뢰 밟으면 어떻게 돼요?

What really happens if you step on a mine?



유시진: 방법이 없어요. There’s nothing you can do.

영화와 다르게 밟으면 무조건 터져요.

Unlike in movies, if you step on it, it goes off.

지뢰와 싸우는 유일한 방법은 천천히 가는 겁니다.

The only way to beat a minefield is to go slow.



They move their way slowly through the mine field, until finally they get out

and Mo-yeon collapses in relief.

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강모연: 몇 번째야 대체? What number incident is this?

아니 맨날 죽을 뻔해 나는? Why am I constantly at death’s door?


*다 죽어 가다

=be dyingbe almost to diebe at the point of deathbe at death's door.



유시진: 난 강선생이랑 멜로하고 싶은데,

I want our relationship to be a melodrama,

자꾸 블록버스터네요. But it turns into blockbusters.



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