We see Andrew and some of his friends drinking beer and watching the dancers.

One of the dancers is taking off her top in front of Andrew and his friends.

The dancer throws the top and we see that Bree is the one who catches it.

Andrew looks behind him and sees his mother. He spurts drink all over the place.

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Bree: (to Andrew’s friends) Heath. Ian. Andrew. 히스, 이안, 앤드류.

Andrew: Mum, how did you even know I was here?

엄마, 내가 여깄는 걸 어떻게 아셨어요?

(Bree tosses him the match box. Andrew is mad at her)

Andrew: You went in my room? 내 방에 들어갔어요?

Bree: You think that’s bad? Tomorrow morning I’m cleaning it! Oh, by the way Heath,

I didn’t get the chance to tell you, that was a lovely solo last week at church.

그게 나쁜 일이니? 내일 아침엔 청소 할 거다. 그건 그렇고, 히스, 기회가 없어 말 못했는데,

지난 주 교회에서 솔로 멋졌어.

Keith: (to Bree) Thank you. (To Andrew) we’re out of here.

고마워요. 우린 간다.

(Andrew’s friends get up and leave)

Bree: (calls after the boys) I hope it wasn’t something I said.

내가 한 말 때문은 아니길 바래.

Bree: (to Andrew) Well, Andrew, shall we? 그럼, 앤드류, 갈까?

Andrew: You just humiliated me in front of my friends. I’m not going anywhere with you!

친구들 앞에서 창피 주신 거에요! 엄마랑은 아무데도 안 가요.

(he turns back to watch the show)

Bree: Fine. 좋아.

(Bree sits down next to her son)



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Andrew: What are you doing? 뭐 하시는 거에요?

Bree: I’m staying for the show. I’m dying to see what all the fuss is about.

(to a passing waitress) excuse me, waitress, I’ll have a glass of your house chardonnay.

앉아서 쇼나 봐야지. 도대체 왜 이 난리를 떠는지 알고 싶어 죽겠다. 저기요, 아가씨,

하우스 와인 한잔 주세요.

*샤르도네: 쓴맛의 식탁용 백포도주.

(shots of the girls dancing)

Bree: I’m curious, Andrew, as you fantasize about this woman,

do you ever stop and think how she came to be on this runway?

궁금한데, 앤드류. 네가 저 여자 환상에 젖어 있는데, 제발 그만하고

어떻게 저 여자가 무대에서 저러게 됐는지 생각해 본 적 있니?

(Andrew is looking increasingly uncomfortable at what his mother is talking about)

Bree: That’s someone’s little girl. And that someone probably had a lot of dreams for her,

dreams that did not include a thong and a pole.

저 여자도 누군가의 사랑스런 딸이었어. 게다가 누군가는 그 딸에게 품은 꿈 도 많았겠지.

끈팬피 입고 봉춤 추는 꿈은 포함되지 않았을 거고.

Andrew: It’s not going to work, okay? I’m not budging.

소용없어요, ? 전 꿈쩍도 안 합니다.

*She wouldn't budge from her opinions. 그녀는 자기의 의견을 조금도 바꾸려 하지 않았다.

/He won't budge on that issue. 그는 그 문제에 관해서는 양보하지 않는다.

Bree: God only knows what she’s had to deal with in her life. Abject poverty? Drugs?

Domestic violence? Maybe even molestation.

저 여자가 무슨 일을 겪었는지는 아무도 모르지. 절망적인 가난? 마약? 가정폭력?

아마 성추행까지 당했는지도 몰라.

(The old pervy guy sitting next to Bree looks at her)

Andrew: MOM! 엄마!

Bree: And now she treats herself the way that other men treat her.

Like an object, a piece of meat.

그런데도 저 여잔 자기 자신을 다른 남자들이 자기 대하듯 하잖아.

마치 물건이나 고깃덩어리 다루듯 말야.

(The pervy guy looks at the girl dancing around the pole and touching her body, then turns back to Bree and Andrew)

Pervy guy: That does it. kid. Get her out of here. She’s killing it for the rest of us.

더 이상 못 참겠다. 꼬마야, 엄마 모시고 가. 분위기 다 죽이잖아.

*=That's the last straw!; Enough is enough!


(Andrew is thoroughly ashamed and gets up and leaves. Bree follows. The man raises his glass to the two of them as they leave)





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