Ho-gu narrates that this time it wasn’t dating either. It’s always like this for him.

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이번에도 사귄 게 아니었다. It wasn’t a date this time too.

늘 이랬다. It’s always been like this.

문자하고 영화보고 밥도 먹고 술도 먹었지만

We would text, see a movie, eat, and even drink together.

사귀는 게 아니었다. But it was never dating.

사귀는 거라고 생각한 순간 사귀지는 않았던 거였다.

The moment I thought we were dating, it never was.


도대체 난 뭘 하고 싶은 걸까?

What on earth do I want to do?

딱히 뭘 하려고 민지를 만난 건 아니었다.

I didn’t see Min Ji so I could do something with her.

그냥 아끼는 동생이니까 컴퓨터가 고장났대서 고쳐줬고

I just cared about her. She asked me to fix her computer and I did.

그랬더니 고맙다고 민지가 커피를 사줬고

Afterwards she said “Thank you.” and bought me a cup of coffee.

나는 그게 고마워서 또 밥을 샀고.

And I was thankful for that so I took her out to eat.

그랬더니 그게 도 고맙다고 영화를 보여줬고.

And she was thankful for that se we watched a movie together.

영화가 고마우니 밥을 또 샀고.

I was thankful for that so I took her out to eat again.

호경이 말로는 그렇게 썸을 타야 연애를 할 수 있다는데.

Ho Hyong says you have to do things like that in order to date.

*둘 사이에 뭔가 있는 거지? Is there something going on between the two of you?

/두 사람 사이가 수상하다. I suspect there is[may be] something going on between the two.




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